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I am Laney Shaughnessy, probably best known for my woodworking videos on YouTube on my self-named channel. I started my YouTube woodworking journey in 2010 and since then have grown a loyal subscriber base of over 104,000 subscribers.

I can't recall where my passion for woodworking blossomed. My great uncle was a woodworker. A simple man who enjoyed creating things. Sadly, I never really had the opportunity to know him well, I was very young when he passed away. The memories of him surround me every day, as many of my older tools was once his.

I stepped away from my YouTube channel in 2015 to care for an ill family member and have been trying to get back to my passion and my subscribers ever since. It has been a long journey and along the way I have seen many fellow creators grow and thrive on their channels and personal lives.  It has been my goal to do the same.

Through the last few years, I have teamed up with Digital Wood Carver, a CNC Manufacturer in Martinsville, Indiana and have supported the company by training their customers in CAD/CAM Design and CNC Operation.

This venture led to creating a second YouTube Channel. SpindleTV was started in late 2017 and is still very much in its infancy. The channel focuses primarily on Vectric CAD/CAM software design training. I stream Live events each week teaching this software. The channel has a little over 6,000 subscribers to date.

Now in 2021, I am revisiting my original channel and returning to full build projects. These projects will involve old and new woodworking techniques with some new innovations. The Channel has been rebranded as BuildItTV, and the two channels will feed off one another supporting each other’s growth.


And so, my woodworking journey continues, revitalized, with new ideas, projects, and lessons. I hope you will join me as I share my insights, knowledge, and inspiration with you.


2101 NE 2nd Street Ocala, Florida 34470

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